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The Learning Corp unveils next-level therapy experience with new Constant Therapy apps

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Digital therapeutics pioneer delivers transformative cognitive health platforms, Constant Therapy 5.0 and Constant Therapy Clinician 

NEWTON, MA (January 8, 2020) The Learning Corp, a leading brain health and digital therapeutics organization, today revealed the next generation of its Constant Therapy platform, dialing up the award-winning speech, language, and cognitive recovery app’s impact with custom interfaces for clinicians and patients, and fresh features including a virtual clinician therapy guide. 

Used daily by thousands of patients and clinicians both at home and in-clinic, Constant Therapy is now two separate apps, each designed to provide tailored experiences for its intended audience: the patient-focused Constant Therapy, and Constant Therapy Clinician. Among the biggest changes: Patients will now be guided through their customized, clinically proven speech, language, and cognitive exercises – which have been refreshed with new audio and visual content – by a virtual clinician avatar, creating a more engaging therapy experience. For in-clinic users, client therapy programs can now be created by clinicians through their dedicated app, while patients working independently will be led through their initial personal assessment of the skill areas they want to work on by the clinician avatar.

“With this new launch, it’s exciting that we’re well beyond the concept phase: Constant Therapy has been in the market solving a real problem for real patients, and we’re now improving that solution,” said Shaheen Lakhan, MD, Vice President of Research and Development at The Learning Corp. “Our mission is to build a better, patient-empowered healthcare tool for a population that not only needs and wants it but that we’ve seen benefit from utilizing. Our real-world data and user testimonials have shown that Constant Therapy is improving recovery outcomes, and that stroke and TBI patients are frequently using digital therapy for cognitive and language rehab at home.”  

Many of the product improvements were made to more closely mirror a traditional in-clinic therapy experience for Constant Therapy users, who range from stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to those living with dementia. Improved therapy feedback and the introduction of the virtual clinician are aimed at boosting patient engagement and adherence, both of which help patients master their exercises faster. The patented AI behind the platform known as the NeuroPerformance Engine™(NPE) constantly monitors and analyzes the real-world evidence generated by user performance and progress, helping to identify ways to improve therapy and further the science of brain health.

“We’re proud to have supported tens of thousands of patients and clinicians in their speech, language and cognitive therapy to date, but our work is not done. In a recent poll, we found that 90 percent of physical and speech-language therapy patients were open to using apps as part of their recovery, with 60 percent reporting gaps in care due to challenges with traditional therapy approaches,” said Joe Smith, MD, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of The Learning Corp. “As patients’ needs evolve, so should we, and our enhanced Constant Therapy platform is the next step in that journey to ensure we’re offering an effective, personalized and accessible therapy option for patients everywhere.”

In addition to anytime access to 80-plus clinically proven exercise types and the in-app virtual clinician, Constant Therapy subscribers can tap into free brain health resources via the brand’s online content hub BrainWire, and unlimited hands-on help from the app’s live customer support team. For more information on Constant Therapy and Constant Therapy Clinician, including pricing and device compatibility, please visit

About The Learning Corp

The Learning Corp is a leading digital therapeutics company that combines AI and real-world evidence to deliver next-generation health and wellness products. The company created Constant Therapy, an app that gives people with brain injuries or cognitive disorders direct access to clinically proven exercises that can help them rebuild their cognitive and speech functions. Developed by a team of top neuroscientists and clinicians at Boston University, Constant Therapy has already been used by more than 100,000 patients, whose experience is informing the company’s clinical products and creating insights that can lead to new discoveries for brain health. For more information, visit

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