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2023 ASHA Convention: Constant Therapy’s presence!

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[Post-Convention Update: The winner of massage tool is Ilka Hamlett. We enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by the booth! If you would like to sign up for a demo, please click here.]

Are you ready for the 2023 ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) Convention? From November 15th to 18th, 2023, SLPs, audiologists, and other clinicians and scientists will have the opportunity to dive into the latest research and resources in the speech, language, and hearing fields. 

We’re thrilled to be participating in 2023 ASHA, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into Constant Therapy’s contributions in this BrainWire article! 

Come say hi to Constant Therapy at 2023 ASHA Booth 714! 

Here at Constant Therapy, we’re always seeking to cheer on and support the clinicians who dedicate their lives to helping patients during their brain rehabilitation journeys. At 2023 ASHA, that will be no different! Our theme for this year is Stress less, accomplish more,” and our mission is clear: to empower clinicians, minimize burnout, and optimize patient outcomes. 

What can I expect from Constant Therapy at 2023 ASHA? 

We have everything from fun giveaways to product demos and presentations by leading experts in neurorehabilitation planned to give you the most fun and informative experience possible! Here’s a sneak peek: 


We’ll be offering a variety of stress-relieving giveaways to booth visitors, including:

  • A raffle for a massage gun 
  • Fun laptop stickers 
  • Laptop camera covers to protect your privacy! 

And here’s the bonus: Our booth’s first 50 visitors will receive 5 free 3-month Constant Therapy subscriptions to share with their patients. It’s a win-win! 

Meet the Expert

Don’t miss the chance to chat on Friday, November 17 from 10 am to 12pm at Booth 714 with Dr. Swathi Kiran, PhD, CCC-SLP, who is a leading expert in aphasia research and neurorehabilitation and one of Constant Therapy’s co-founders! Dr. Kiran is the Director of the Aphasia Research Laboratory and Research Director of the Aphasia Resource Center at Boston University and will be available to chat with visitors to the Constant Therapy booth at 2023 ASHA! Sign up for our weekly emails where we’ll be sharing details. 

Interactive Demo on Wednesday, November 15th

Learn about Constant Therapy's presence at ASHA 2023.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 15, from 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. At Booth 1163, we’ll be offering an interactive demo of how Constant Therapy can promote work-life balance and enhance patient outcomes with evidence-based exercises, personalized treatment plans, and time-saving features! 

Presentation: “Breaking Down Access Barriers for Persons with Aphasia using Digital Therapeutics”

Learn about Constant Therapy's presence at ASHA 2023.

In this presentation, Jordyn Pierce, MS, CCC-SLP, ATP, MBA, and Vice President of Clinical Operations for Constant Therapy Health, and Marissa Russell, MS, CCC-SLP, will delve into the troubling gap that exists between the amount of therapy recommended by experts and that actually received by patients with aphasia. 

They will summarize the myriad barriers to therapy access—such as geographical hurdles—that patients face, and discuss how digital therapeutics like Constant Therapy are game-changers that can help ensure that effective aphasia treatment reaches all patients in need.  

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Constant Therapy’s call to action for 2023 ASHA

You, clinicians, are your patients’ heroes—and ours here at Constant Therapy!  As we move into 2023 ASHA and beyond, we hope to inspire clinicians to incorporate digital therapeutics like Constant Therapy into their practice for greater efficiency and better outcomes. Just as important, we want to support you as a person as you work tirelessly to help your patients every day! 

Stay tuned for more exciting insights from Constant Therapy’s participation in 2023 ASHA as we continue to push the boundaries of neurorehabilitation!

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