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A flexible platform for care delivery and research

Our partners come from every sector of the healthcare industry. Some are focused on maximizing patient rehabilitation potential, others on adding a digital therapeutic so they can deliver more comprehensive care. Many want to offer better services at reduced costs.

Whatever your goal, we’re ready to bring the power of our technology to work for you.

Constant Therapy adds innovation to practice and research

Use Constant Therapy For Care Delivery

We can build a customized version of the Constant Therapy platform to meet the needs of your enterprise. Contact us to see how we can adapt it for you.

Use Constant Therapy For Research

Constant Therapy can be used or adapted for investigational clinical trials. Contact us if you have an idea for using Constant Therapy or the NeuroPerformance Engine™ in research.

Integrate Constant Therapy into Your Program

Integrate Constant Therapy into your practice or solution by licensing our technology. Contact us about licensing our technology.

Improve outcomes, and efficiency

Maximize patient rehabilitation potential

  • Digitized, evidence-based exercises eliminate the need for paper-based brain rehab exercises 
  • Unlimited access to exercises is ideal for high-frequency, long-duration treatment and maintaining treatment after discharge
  • Exercises adapt to each patient and continue to optimize over time
  • Patient and clinician dashboards track progress over time

Standardize brain rehabilitation care

  • Access automated reporting and documentation from every level of care, across patients, clinicians, and facilities
  • Providers can view measurable outcomes to fine-tune and help improve the standard of care

Reduce costs and administrative burden

  • Maximize the use of virtual therapy as a complement to existing in-clinic resources
  • Create process efficiencies and consistency across each level of care with automated reporting and documentation

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The award-winning app that empowers people to rebuild their life skills.


Featured research

Our fully decentralized Phase II clinical trial examined the outcomes of two home programs with bi-monthly SLP check-ins. The results showed our digital therapeutic to be statistically and clinically more effective than the current standard of care for the treatment of post-stroke aphasia. More details coming soon.