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The app helped me gather my confidence. It’s nice to see my percentages increase, and work harder when they decrease. Very self-motivating.
Kathryn_Constant Therapy user
With insurance reimbursement for speech and language therapy tighter, Constant Therapy enables clients to continue their recovery.
Fabiane M. Hirsch (Kruse)_Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Saguaro Speech & Language / Aphasia Center of Tucson, AZ
I can’t recommend the app enough. My son now understands things faster, makes decisions with less hesitation, and his confidence is higher.
Miriam_mother of Constant Therapy user
I love the reports & analytics we get from the app. An average clinician should save 30-45 mins in paperwork time per patient due to the app.
I love the Constant Therapy app. It stands above the competition because it is more focused on rehabilitation than just exercise.
As an SLP, I think CT is a great adjunct to treatment. My TBI patients are especially receptive and find their progress very gratifying.
Constant Therapy is one of my “go to” iPad apps. I would recommend it to any speech pathologist.
Catherine Schroeder_M.A., CCC-SLP Allen, NE
The more I use the app, the more I like it. It’s self-driven with just enough cueing to make it through. It allows it to be OUR program.
The Constant Therapy app is a wonderful addition to my practice. It makes the homework piece so much easier.
Stephanie_MS CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist
The CT app makes my job much easier. It enables my patients to continue their therapy at home and I can immediately see their progress.
Dr. Laura Lenkey_CCC-SLP
CT played a huge part in my husband’s recovery from TBI. He returned to work exactly 6 months after and has regained 98% of his prior self.
Paula_wife of Constant Therapy user
When I was discharged from out-patient therapy, I subscribed to the program on my own and continued my progress uninterrupted.
Barbara_Constant Therapy user
Insurance coverage was limited for Mom’s rehab. Discovering CT gave her a renewed feeling of improvement even 5 years after her stroke.
Karen_daughter of Constant Therapy user
I have spent hours looking for other brain/speech therapy apps, and nothing compares to this. Must-have app for people with aphasia!
Terri_wife of Constant Therapy user
I love this! Using the app helps me so much! In only a month I’ve gotten so much better because of the app. I work and work, and it pays off.
Jeff_brain injury survivor
We are amazed at the ease of use as well as the benefits Mom has received from this program. Its impact has been miraculous.
Tina_daughter of stroke survivor
Every day, the app gives my daughter tools for additional rehab at home. I like that the app is easy enough for a non-specialist like me to use.
Steve_parent of TBI survivor
I had a stroke which left me with aphasia. This app has helped me enormously. As I go along, the tasks adapt and I can see my progress.
Wendy_Constant Therapy user
I have only praise and gratitude to those involved in the development of the Constant Therapy app.
Geo_Constant Therapy user
This is the most complete brain therapy app I have found. It automatically checks completed exercises. It’s my husband's favorite app.
Jadkar_wife of  Constant Therapy user
The app is a great supplement to Paul’s speech therapy. Its adaptive and tasks aren’t tedious. It has helped both the patient and caregiver!
Esther_wife of Constant Therapy user
Thank you for this product. You have given me back some of my dignity and my abilities to feel like I can accomplish something.
Sheree_Constant Therapy user
This app is wonderful and it works. If you know anyone who’s just had a stroke, don't miss the opportunity to do something great for them.
Phil_brother of Constant Therapy user
We are so happy with Constant Therapy! Thank you so much for helping our lives begin again and for giving us hope.
Cheryl_wife of Constant Therapy user