Supporting our veterans with rehabilitation therapy

We collaborate with VA clinics around the US to give veterans access to life-changing speech, language, and cognitive therapy at no cost to them.

We believe that technology can improve the lives of veterans who are recovering from brain injury (TBI) or stroke, or living with other neurological conditions. We’re already working with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) today to bring our clinically-proven speech, language, and cognitive therapy app to veterans as they work towards recovery.

Designed by neuroscientists and clinicians from Boston University, Constant Therapy offers over 500,000 therapy exercises across 85+ therapeutic domains typically needed for recovery. With Constant Therapy, users gain 24/7 access to evidence-based therapy.

Learn more about how Constant Therapy helps veterans with speech and cognitive therapy needs, and contact us to get started.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Captain Patrick Horan uses Constant Therapy to help his recovery from a head injury sustained during deployment.

VA clinics currently working with Constant Therapy

(Are you a veteran but don’t see your clinic on the list? Reach out to us so we can get Constant Therapy set up in your system.)

  • Battle Creek, MI VAMC
  • Bay Pines, FL VAHCS
  • Boston VAHCS
  • Buffalo VAHCS Western New York
  • Central Texas VHCS, Temple/Waco
  • Dayton, OH VAMC
  • Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VAHCS, Bedford, MA
  • Fayetteville, NC VAMC
  • Gulf Coast VAHCS, Biloxi, MS
  • James A Haley VAMC, Tampa, FL
  • James J. Peters VAMC, Bronx, NY
  • John D. Dingell VAMC, Detroit, MI
  • Louis Stokes VAMC, Cleveland, OH
  • Manchester, NH VAMC
  • Minneapolis, MN, VAHCS
  • New Mexico VAHCS, Albuquerque, NM
  • Orlando, FL VAMC
  • Providence, RI VAMC
  • Robert J. Dole VAMC, Wichita, KS
  • Salem, VA VAMC
  • South Texas VAHCS, San Antonio, TX
  • Southeast Louisiana VAHCS, New Orleans, LA
  • Tennessee Valley VAHCS, Nashville, TN
  • Tuscaloosa, AL VAMC
  • Northern California VAHCS, Martinez, CA
  • Palo Alto, CA VAHCS
  • Portland, OR VAHCS

Are you a VA clinician interested in Constant Therapy?

Contact us today.

We’re already working with many VA clinics countrywide. If you’d like to hear how other VA clinicians are using Constant Therapy, contact or call 1-888-233-1399, and we’ll set up a meeting with a VA clinician in your VISEN so you can learn more.

And if Constant Therapy isn’t already a vendor in your location, email the required new vendor form to and we’ll work to get Constant Therapy registered, so your veterans can access the program at NO cost to them.

What VA clinicians and patients say about Constant Therapy

“The Constant Therapy app is a wonderful addition to my practice. It makes the homework piece so much easier.”

– Stephanie, MS, CCC-SLP

“I know that using the Constant Therapy app helps me so much! In around a month, I have gotten sooo much better because of the app. I work and work, and it pays off. Thank you so much for helping me.”

– Constant Therapy user, survivor of brain injury

“The VA provided this app for my hubby after his stroke to help with his speech and cognition. It is a wonderful tool for him. It’s challenging and has helped him so very much. I can’t say enough good things about Constant Therapy!”

– Constant Therapy user