Clinician-built digital program empowers adult speech therapy

Deliver comprehensive adult speech therapy to patients recovering from stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), living with aphasia, dementia, and other neurological conditions.

Ever wish you could extend therapy beyond the clinic? You can with Constant Therapy Clinician, an adult speech and cognitive therapy app for smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Ditch the paper flashcards and deliver interactive, evidence-based treatment. Then, empower your patients with speech therapy at home by creating a custom homework program for between visits or after discharge with Constant Therapy.

What is Constant Therapy Clinician?

Developed by neuroscientists and speech-language pathologists at Boston University, Constant Therapy Clinician is an evidence-based adult speech therapy app. Provide cutting-edge speech and cognitive therapy in-clinic and nurture patient progress at home with our AI-driven Home Exercise program.

Adult speech therapy activities to practice in-clinic or at home.

Use interactive evidence-based exercises

Access one of the world’s most comprehensive libraries of scientifically-proven speech, language, and cognitive therapy exercises.

Save time with detailed progress reports

Add objective data points to your progress notes and discharge summaries with our detailed client reporting feature.

Constant Therapy for Clinicians empowers clinicians who provide adult speech therapy with effortless reporting.

Extend your reach beyond the clinic

Create customizable home exercise plans for your adult speech therapy clients to work on in between clinic sessions, and after you discharge them, with Constant Therapy.

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