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8 podcasts about brain injury and other neurological conditions

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Are you a podcast fan? If so, you’re with 41% of Americans who regularly listen to a podcast. If you haven’t yet jumped on this trend, grab a pair of headphones, turn to Apple, Spotify, or the many independent broadcasters, and listen in to be educated, entertained, and inspired by the audio content available. Podcasts are like a mini-radio show – usually 30 to 60 minutes long – but about a specific topic in which you are interested. And they’re free and typically easy to find. Thousands of podcasts are available on topics from business and health to technology and hobbies – and everything in between. (And if you’re not currently a podcast listener, it’s fairly simple to get started. This article explains the basics of how to find, stream, and listen to a podcast.)  

We’ve curated eight highly-rated podcasts about brain injury, stroke, aphasia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions. Whether you’re a survivor, caring for a loved one with one of these conditions, or are a clinician treating patients, we think you’ll find these podcasts informative and inspiring.

  1. The “Slow Road To Better” Podcast by the Stroke Comeback Center – Rated five stars, this podcast – one of our favorites – is produced with humor and warmth by stroke and brain injury survivors and their clinicians who are members of The Stroke Comeback Center in Northern Virginia. The group talks and laughs together as they discuss what often seems like a “slow road” to getting better, and the challenges faced along the way. BONUS: our own Jordyn Sims Pierce, Vice President of Clinical Operations & Development and speech-language pathologist extraordinaire, was the guest recently on episode #111 where she explained how Constant Therapy helps stroke and TBI survivors with recovery.
  2. The NeuroNerds: A Brain Injury Recovery & Pop Culture Show – Co-hosts Joe Borges and Lauren Manzano share stories from their personal recovery journeys and offer tips for coping and thriving post-brain injury. Some episodes feature interviews with other survivors of stroke and TBI. Very informative and entertaining!
  3. Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone – If you’re looking to better understand how our brains work – and how certain injuries or conditions impact our brains – this is the podcast for you. The host explains brain science (also called neuroscience) in everyday terms and brings us up-to-date on the latest research and theories.
  4. Fading Memories: Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support – The description of this informative podcast says “…supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers through informative and inspiring conversations” and that’s what you’ll find here. Topics (222 episodes!) include tips on talking to loved ones with dementia, handling finances, using art to connect with loved ones, and how to handle the stress of caregiving for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  5. Aphasia Access Conversations – Clinicians will find this podcast helpful as it delivers the latest aphasia resources and tips from Life Participation (clinical) professionals. Topics include best practices in aphasia care, aphasia group treatment ideas, communication access strategies, how to run an aphasia choir, the future of aphasia care, and more. Produced by Aphasia Access, a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing awareness for those living with aphasia.
  6. Guide to Surviving Burnout by CaregiverDave – Dave Nassaney, longtime caregiver for his wife, hosts this podcast with Adrienne Gruberg, founder of The Caregiver Space website. They discuss how to deal with emotional stress and burnout. The podcast features interviews with medical experts, personalities, authors, and other caregivers – all of who are working toward a balanced and quality life for themselves and for their loved ones. 
  7. Recovery After Stroke – Host Bill Gasiamis has survived three strokes. During his own recovery, he took the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that made him happier and healthier. He now works to empower stroke survivors to recover faster and build a more inspired and healthier life. In the podcast, he speaks with other survivors and provides tips on coping and learning a “new normal”.
  8. A Battle Within – Hosts Terry and Drew Niemann discuss healing after concussion, a form of traumatic brain injury. Terry suffered the first of multiple concussions in 2013. With each concussion came new challenges, adjustments, and lifestyle changes. The podcast explores those journeys and offers her stories as a way to help others recovering from TBI or mTBI – who must learn “new ways of being”.

What podcasts would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

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