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Behind the Scenes in Customer Care – Get to Know Our Dedicated Team

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At Constant Therapy, we take customer care seriously.

We aim to provide timely, responsive, and professional customer service, delivered with compassion and patience for each person with whom we speak. We’ll answer your questions, concerns, and comments  – no matter what they are. Call 1-888-233-1399 or email

What we won’t do

We won’t put you on hold to wait 20 minutes for an available rep; we don’t have an automated “press 3 for service” system; we won’t make you repeat your question 5 times to 5 different people; and we won’t speak to you in an impersonal way. Yup. A live human answers your calls between 8am and 7pm ET weekdays, and 9am – 1pm ET on Saturday!

Meet the team

With that said, meet David, Melissa, Matt, Will, and Ivemarie  – your Customer Care team at Constant Therapy. They answer questions from clinicians, clients, patients and caregivers. You might find they’ve left a message on your voicemail, telling you about an upcoming promotion, or that your client (if you are a clinician), has only a few days left on his trial.

We asked them what they like best about speaking with Constant Therapy’s users. Here’s what they said.


David leads up our Customer Care team. He spent his career up to now delivering solutions that help at-risk individuals and those recovering from a life-changing medical event to recover lost skills and to live with dignity.  He likes working at Constant Therapy because “we are encouraged to take all the time the customer (clinician or client) needs. Sometimes we have to work quickly as the therapy session is in process and sometimes we spend a longer period of time helping someone acclimate to their tablet and Constant Therapy.” David says  he enjoys providing solutions to help people recover skills and live with dignity, after a life changing event.


Will worked in sales & support in the education software industry prior to Constant Therapy. He likes making a difference in peoples’ lives every day – both in providing clinicians a tool to enhance their work, and providing patients with the continuity of care they need for better recovery outcomes. He appreciates that at Constant Therapy, “we all believe in what we’re doing, and we inspire each other”.


Melissa loves working for Constant Therapy because “it’s a program that helps individuals and families in tremendous ways”. She feels Constant Therapy has a team of dedicated individuals with drive and determination to make a great product even better. She says “it feels good when we can assist clients and clinicians with their questions and know that we have been able to help  them in the best way possible.” Prior to Constant Therapy, she worked for 15 years in Account Services in the Healthcare advertising industry. 

What they said. We couldn’t agree more and are proud to work with them!

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