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Brain injury recovery at home: sample isolation schedule

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If you are at home recovering from brain injury, stroke or aphasia, you probably already feel isolated. This new world of social isolation, as recommended by the CDC and WHO to slow the spread of COVID-19, while new to many of us, is likely a familiar scenario to you. And we understand and honor your rehabilitation process.

brain injury recovery + isolationTo help caregivers who may be new to the process of helping family members stay on a brain injury recovery, rehabilitation, and therapy schedule while we’re all in isolation, our staff clinicians created this sample daily schedule, which you can download here.

Research shows that the repetition of science-based speech and cognitive therapy is key to successful brain rehabilitation

Consistent repetition that re-establishes communication between the injured parts of the brain and the body is critical to help individuals move toward independence and to help improve quality of life.

However, we get that it can be hard to stay motivated to stay on track with practice and therapy during recovery! Some days feel overwhelming – when you wonder if you can keep going; whether what you’re doing is really making a difference. Just remember that big changes start with little steps – that’s all you have to do on those discouraging days: just take one step forward!

Although strategies vary depending on the person, motivational strategies like building in rewards and accountability, using a planner, creating a schedule, or setting goals are particularly effective.

Feel free to make this sample schedule your own

Our sample is not intended to replace clinical advice or a formal therapy schedule from your doctor or other medical professionals; it is just a sample of one way to stay organized and on-track during recovery. This kind of system may or may not work for you. As always, do what’s best for you and your family.

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  1. Leslie Fossey

    I would like to use this on my Foundation Web Sit called Headup.
    We are in the process of upgrading site to local TBI folks in East Texas. Currently the site web address. Is

    • Constant Therapy

      Leslie- Thanks for the message. Yes, you may use this information on your website with attribution and links back to our website.


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