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Ways to pay for Constant Therapy | Affording life-changing digital therapy

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We get it – having a speech, language, or cognitive challenge does NOT make finances any easier. That’s why at Constant Therapy, we’re always looking for new ways to help our patients access our program. Read on to learn about some of the ways that you can pay for Constant Therapy!

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Often, a speech, language, or cognitive challenge comes hand-in-hand with an event or diagnosis that makes it far harder to work, and – to put it frankly – make money.  We absolutely understand that, and that’s why since day 1 of Constant Therapy we have offered partial and full scholarships on an honor-basis to anyone who needs them. But we didn’t want to stop that journey to help patients there – access to Constant Therapy is essential for patients and their caregivers. Read on to find out if you qualify for any of these ways to afford the life-changing therapy you need.

  1. Are you a United States Military Veteran? We are so thankful to the women and men who have served our country, and we are thrilled to team up with VA hospitals and clinics around the US to give veterans access to Constant Therapy and its 85 different speech, language, and cognitive therapy activities at no cost to them. Check out our webpage specific for Veterans to learn more about how the VA can help provide access to Constant Therapy for you or your loved one!
  2. Do you or your extended family members have a Health Savings Account (HSA) through insurance? You can actually use those funds (including using an HSA card) to pay for Constant Therapy! A Health Savings Account can be used to help offset medical costs, and it can be used to pay not only for the insurance policy owner’s needs, but also for any medical needs for dependents who are parents, children, nieces, uncles, or even grandparents. You can read more about how HSA’s work from the IRS here (and you may want to confirm your eligibility with your tax advisor). If you decide to use an HSA to pay for Constant Therapy, we recommend you save two pieces of documentation:
    1. Your receipts from Constant Therapy, and 
    2. A note in writing from a healthcare provider like your speech-language pathologist, neurologist, occupational therapist, or primary care provider stating that Constant Therapy is recommended as a part of the plan of care.
  3. Do you have a Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental, or other insurance plan? If so, you might have a Wellness Benefit that could possibly cover Constant Therapy. Often, insurance plans will include reimbursements for gym memberships, and some plans are now also introducing plans that offer reimbursement for tools like Constant Therapy that target your cognitive needs, too. Give your insurance provider a call today to see if that might be an option for you or your loved one.
  4. Do none of the above work for you, but money is still tight?  No problem! Give our Customer Support team a call at 1-888-233-1399 – they’re dedicated, patient people who are here for YOU! Worried about talking on the phone with a communication or memory disorder? Put those worries aside – our team is specially trained to work with people of all communication abilities and will give you all the time you need to get your point across. They can help you get set up with Constant Therapy, answer questions about how to use the app, and will help you make Constant Therapy work for your financial situation, even including a full scholarship if that’s what you need. 

Need help getting discounted Internet or tablets, Chromebooks and other devices? Here is information on programs for which you may qualify.

If you prefer a visual version of this list above, download the following:

Ways to offset the cost of Constant Therapy

So what’s next?  Please know that we are always looking into other resources to help our patients get access to the therapy tools they need.  We are actively in discussions with healthcare payers around the world, creatively finding ways to get Constant Therapy covered for our users. We won’t stop until Constant Therapy is in the hands of EVERYONE who needs it!

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  1. Toby Baca

    Can retired firefighters and retired police get a better price ??

    • Carla Gates

      Thanks for your inquiry! Please call our live and experienced Support Team 1-888-233-1399 and we can discuss scholarship opportunities.

  2. Frances Demapan

    I ve been paying the $24.99 monthly n fee for constant therspy for msny months but have been unable toget on line to use it . Then when I called , no one response or else Alwsys close due to our time difference. For these reasons am a very dissatisfied customer. Thank you!

    • Carla Gates

      Hi Frances, I’m so sorry you had that experience. Our live Support team is very responsive to customers and is happy to help you get online. Their hours are Monday–Friday, 8 am to 7 pm ET, and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm ET. It sounds like the time zone may be an issue. Therefore, is it possible to email our Support team instead ( Or call during the best time for you and leave your number and a message as to when they can call you back? I will tell them to be on the lookout for an email or voicemail from you.

  3. Bridget McSweegan

    My subscription to Constant Therapy will expire in August 2022. How much will the renewal fee be? The price for the last few years was $199.99

    • Carla Gates

      Hi Bridget, Please call Support at 888.233.1399 and they can help you with questions like this.

  4. Mo

    My friend is legally blind and incurred a stroke. How much of this system will she be able to use?

    • Carla Gates

      Thank you for your interest; we’re working to optimize Constant Therapy to work well with accessibility features to improve access to the program. We will publicize that when we’ve optimized our compatibility with accessibility features.

  5. Sylvia Roy

    I have severe anxiety talking on the phone and my speech therapist was going to help call but she had a medical emergency and is not coming back but I need to apply for assistance. can someone help me over email?

    • Carla Gates

      Hi Sylvia, I’ve asked our Support team to reach out to you by email. They can be reached at support @


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