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Spotlight on: Matt, customer support champion

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Empathy. Respect. Patience. Great communication skills. Product knowledge. These are attributes you expect from top-notch customer support agents. Matt has these in spades. A member of our Customer Support team for two years, Matt is loved by the customers and clinicians who rely on him every day to answer support requests from password changes to questions about the science behind Constant Therapy.

We sat down with Matt recently to ask what motivates him and what he likes best about being on the Customer Support Team.

“Customer-centric” is a way of doing business that focuses on putting customers at the center of everything the company does, and ensuring a positive experience at all points of contact. Matt embodies this customer-centric approach, which is embedded in Constant Therapy’s DNA. His commitment to delivering customer value is genuine.

Working For Constant Therapy Means Helping People

Matt has a background in sales, ranging from software to medical devices. He joined Constant Therapy because he saw an opportunity to work for a company whose number-one goal is to help people – in this case, people who are recovering from brain injury due to stroke or TBI, or who live with aphasia, dementia, or cognitive disorders. Matt appreciates that we can offer hope through a tool that provides evidence-based therapy exercises for those individuals to address their cognitive and speech needs.

In his words, “The best thing about this app is how it helps people get their life back. It’s helping them do the things you and I don’t think much about, such as ordering a cup of coffee, or being able to know how much money you need for that coffee.”

He’s a real champion for our customers. When asked what he loves most about helping people with the app, he says, “I love helping callers who are nervous about using a tablet (like an iPad, Amazon Fire, or Android phone) for the first time. We have a lot of customers who have never used a tablet before and it’s my goal to help them feel better about using it, and letting them know there is someone who can help them in their situation. And at the end of each call, I try my best to make sure they are well informed on using Constant Therapy and help them get the best experience the app can offer.”

A Typical Day In Customer Support

Matt describes his typical day, answering calls and emails from patients and clinicians, this way: “I receive calls from patients who have multiple tech questions ranging from changing a password, setting up a subscription, and helping them get their tablets connected to the internet. As well, I help clinicians connect their account to their patients, and train them on all the features the app offers.”

He says what is required of his Customer Support role is a good tech background, knowing the product inside and out, and lots of patience.

Personal Experience Helps Him Relate To Customers

Like many of his customers, Matt is familiar with speech therapy. “I went through speech therapy myself due to multiple ear infections as a child,” he says. “The ear infections affected my hearing which lead to problems with my speech. The biggest hurdle was being able to say certain words which I could hear in my head, but saying them was a bigger challenge.” He says that experiencing this as a child helps him relate to his customers and the challenges they go through everyday. “When they’re having trouble talking with me over the phone, I give them all the time in the world because I understand what it’s like to be in their situation.”

Matt’s Words Of Advice To Constant Therapy Users

Matt advises users to “not be afraid of calling us with any questions thoughts or concerns. Or if calling doesn’t work, email us or even chat with us from the website. You can take as long as you want on the phone and we’ll figure out your issue, resolve it, and help you to feel more confident when using Constant Therapy.”

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