Security, compliance, and centralized control for institutions

The quick and easy way to manage accounts securely and ensure HIPAA compliance across your institution.

Constant Therapy Enterprise makes institution-wide security and HIPAA compliance easier than ever before. Gain control and visibility of Constant Therapy usage across your organization, onboard new clinicians with centralized administrative control, and access detailed reporting features to streamline your reimbursement workflow.

Whether you’re a large institution with thousands of on-staff clinicians, or you’re an emerging small business looking for an all-in-one solution, Constant Therapy Enterprise can be tailored to suit you. Contact our team to learn more about how you can get a customized solution for your organization.

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Security and Compliance

Simplify security and compliance

Effortlessly manage access to patient data and prepare for audits using our secure HIPAA compliant system. 

  • Control access to patient data easily, safely and securely.
  • Ensure enterprise-wide HIPAA compliance with a Business Associates Agreement (BAA).
  • Reduce time and labor to prepare for external audits with a complete history of clinician access to patient therapy data.

Centralize administrative control

Handle staffing changes while keeping patient data safe and secure. Onboard new clinicians, transfer accounts, and remove account access for clinicians transitioning out of your organization.

  • Reduce risk and liability of unauthorized access to patient therapy information.
  • Add, approve, delete or suspend clinician accounts keeping patient data safe and secure.
  • Transfer patient accounts from one treating clinician to another.
  • Enable multiple clinicians to deliver therapy to a single patient.
Centralized Administration
Streamlined Reporting

Streamline reporting to speed-up reimbursement workflow

Reduce the time clinicians spend on non-reimbursable administrative paperwork with our automated reporting system.

  • Accelerate reimbursement payments with less time and manual effort.
  • Automatically document therapies delivered to patients easily with built-in detailed reporting.
  • Explore the option to integrate Constant Therapy Enterprise with your EMR system to reduce redundant and error-prone data entry.

Get responsive customer support

Get dedicated and fast customer support to ensure your institution realizes the full value of Constant Therapy Enterprise with:

  • Dedicated account managers for Constant Therapy Enterprise clients. 
  • One hour response time for customer support inquiries. 
  • Periodic training to help you get the most out of the Constant Therapy program.
  • Product updates and enterprise-wide deployment support.
Responsive Technical Support

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