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Clinicians’ how-to guide: Create individual accounts to optimize patient care

Kate Ying | Clinician

Top 5 Reasons to Create Individual Patient Accounts in the Constant Therapy Clinician App

We see you, dedicated clinicians! And we hear you saying that one of your main goals is to optimize patient care and progress. We applaud that you are leveraging the power of technology to enhance your practice. Your dedication is evident in your integration of Constant Therapy into your treatment protocol, which helps ensure continuity of care between the clinic and home for your patients. 

Enhance patient care and make the most of your valuable time

Amid the demands of a typical clinic day, we completely understand that it might be tempting to use a single shared account for multiple patients within the Constant Therapy Clinician app. Indeed, you may question the need to create separate accounts when you can manually select exercises within the app. Naturally, you might wonder if those valuable minutes could be better utilized elsewhere in patient care. But, hear us out: without individual patient accounts, there are significant benefits to Constant Therapy that both clinicians and patients miss out on. 

In this article, we will explore why creating separate accounts for each patient in the Constant Therapy Clinician app will streamline your practice and enhance patient outcomes. 

Top 5 reasons to create individual patient accounts:

  1. Accurate data and analytics:

    Individual patient accounts enable the precise tracking of patient progress and provide valuable insights through data and analytics. With separate accounts for each patient, clinicians can compare each patient’s baseline and current scores, monitor changes in accuracy over time, analyze the frequency and duration of in-clinic versus at-home practice, and identify trends to optimize treatment plans. Your colleagues will also love this data-driven approach. Reports can be shared across a patient’s healthcare team to empower all areas of clinical decision-making.

    Brain fingerprints lets you compare baseline to current results.

  2. Continuity of care:

    Creating separate patient accounts ensures a seamless transition of therapy progress from the clinic to the patient’s home. While you might manually select exercises on the app during sessions, patients need their own accounts to fully benefit from Constant Therapy’s AI-powered NeuroPerformance Engine (NPE) at home. The NPE automatically scales a patient’s program progression and difficulty based on that individual’s specific diagnoses and performance, ensuring that their homework is challenging but not overwhelming. With separate patient accounts, you will still be able to adjust a patient’s program as you see fit, but your patients will also get to benefit from the NPE at home.

    Simplify the process of customizing exercises for each patient

  3. Streamlined client management and ease of setup:

    Far from being cumbersome, having accounts for each patient enhances practice management efficiency right from your tablet. It takes only a few moments to set up a new client account. We’ve heard feedback from SLPs that they love that they can search for a specific client’s name within their client list and, with just a tap, review individual progress, assign homework, or adjust their Constant Therapy program.

    practice management efficiency made easy

  4. (Enterprise Customers) Simplified charting process with patient-customized note generation feature:

    Constant Therapy Clinician offers advanced documentation capabilities to its enterprise customers, streamlining the time-consuming charting process. Simply log onto the Clinician Web Dashboard, filter for a particular patient and day of treatment, and Constant Therapy will generate a note detailing your patient’s exercises during that particular session. This feature also provides progress notes and discharge summaries to easily view patient progress over time. You can then include that information in your patient’s EMR. This time-sharing feature is unavailable for use when sharing an account between patients.

    patient-customized note generation is clutch

  5. More patient engagement:

    By creating individual patient accounts, you empower your patient to actively participate in their recovery journey by allowing them to independently track and monitor their progress. Patients gain access to valuable tools and resources that foster greater understanding of their individual goals and progress.  Patients tell us that this autonomy is super motivating!

    How to encourage patient engagement

Get ready to streamline your Constant Therapy practice

We understand that convenience rules when your days are busy nonstop. We hope this article inspires you to start creating individual accounts so you may leverage all the data and tools available to you. If you’d like more information on how to set up individual accounts for your patients, including a step-by-step tutorial, check out our instructional video here

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