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Diplomat describes harrowing brain injury and recovery with help from Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy | Traumatic brain injury

A career diplomat, Mark Lenzi was a U.S. State Department security engineering officer stationed in Guangzhou, China when a targeted microwave attack left him, his family and colleagues with severe headaches and memory loss. While the harrowing details of his brain injury have been covered by national media outlets, Mark recently shared the previously untold story of his recovery on stage with us at CES.

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Can targeted radio waves cause brain injury?

Lenzi, who now works at a State Department passport office in his native New Hampshire, says he and his wife began hearing strange noises in their apartment in China in 2017, and later developed symptoms consistent with concussion. “The short term memory loss was the worst”, he says. “I couldn’t remember the names of software tools and codes that I needed to do my job”. State Dept. doctors ordered the family medivacked back to the US, where he was diagnosed with mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).

Constant Therapy is the cognitive and speech therapy app that helped him get back on duty

Doctors told him that his brain was cognitively damaged, that he would need cognitive and speech therapy to heal, and that his recovery would be long. Lenzi initially resisted the idea of therapy but came to realize the benefit of working with Constant Therapy’s brain rehabilitation app. “Because of my work with Constant Therapy, my cognitive scores have improved – back to the level I need for a medical clearance to go back overseas. I’ve had fantastic results from Constant Therapy.”

> Watch Mark’s story

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