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What People With Aphasia Want You To Know

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Communicating your thoughts to others can be hard for anyone – but imagine adding Aphasia (loss of language, not intellect) on top of challenges of communication. How do I say what I feel and think without offending someone?  How do I get you to understand my point?

Here are a few things folks with Aphasia might be trying to tell you.

(Remember, Aphasia is loss of language due to brain injury or stroke. It has nothing to do with intelligence.)

  1. Speak slowly. I need more time to understand.
  2. I am not a child. Just because I have a hard time talking doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want to say.
  3. Be patient. I may need to take a break from our conversation and process.
  4. Don’t do or say it for me. It is empowering for me to figure it out. Your patience is appreciated!
  5. I am not anti-social. Crowds and large noises are hard for me.
  6. I may look better, but I still have a long way to go in my rehabilitation.  And I will get there.  But looks aren’t everything, and my brain still has a ways to go.
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