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Tips for talking to someone with a communication disorder [VIDEO]

Marissa Russell, MS, CCC-SLP | Aphasia, Communication disorders

Communication can look different as a result of a stroke, brain injury, or neurological disorder such as dementia. This is not only frustrating for those struggling to communicate but also leaves family, friends, and caregivers wondering what they can do to help. We know that it can be hard on you as a caregiver as well, as you cope with the changes in your loved one and your life situation, so we put together a video with some of our favorite tips and tricks to ease the challenges inherent in developing a new communication system with your loved one!

For best communication, optimize meaning while minimizing frustration

Check out this video, below, from one of our on-staff Speech-Language Pathologists to learn how to best talk to someone with a communication disorder in order to experience fulfilling conversations with minimal frustration.

Do you have tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments.

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