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Self-guided mode: How to customize your therapy and harness Constant Therapy’s 85+ therapy activities to meet your goals

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Ever wished you could switch up the order of your exercises?  Ever wonder what exercises Constant Therapy has to offer that you haven’t seen in your homework schedule? Look no further!  We have a great tool called Self Guided Mode that allows you to customize your Constant Therapy exercises to your preferences, and even experiment with different ones without impacting your overall scores. Read on to learn how to use Self-Guided Mode.

One of the things that make Constant Therapy so powerful, is its ability to customize and individualize therapy. While our NeuroPerformance Engine will recommend therapy activities based on your initial answers to questions at sign-up and on past performance, you might be wondering what other options you have – after all, we have over 85 different therapy activities to choose from!  

Helpful things you can do in Self-Guided Mode

  • Add new therapy activities to your homework schedule
  • Remove therapy activities from your homework schedule
  • Change the level of your therapy activities
  • Change the number of exercises of each therapy activity you complete
  • Change the order of your therapy activities on your homework schedule
  • Try new therapy activities

Before we dive into how to use Self-Guided Mode, a few important things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re working with a clinician, you may want to check with them first before you change your homework schedule
  • If you complete a task while in Self-Guided Mode, those scores will not impact your overall performance data – think of it as a “practice” or “exploring” mode
  • If you are a caregiver making updates for your loved one, make sure you exit back to the home screen before you return Constant Therapy to the user
  • Constant Therapy is always keeping your exercises fresh and customized for YOU – all based on your data! Unless your clinician has disabled the feature that automatically updates your tasks for you, once you’ve finished a homework session, our NeuroPerformance Engine will update your tasks – that means that if you made some adjustments to your homework schedule, they may change if your performance data is suggesting that it’s time for some new therapy activities
  • If you run into trouble, call our friendly Support Team at 1-888-233-1399

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7 steps to get started in Self-Guided Mode – with illustrations

With that, let’s dive in with 7 easy steps.

  1. To access Self-Guided Mode, first tap “Settings” in the top right corner of your app’s home screen.
    self-guided mode step 1
  2. Tap “Use self-guided mode” at the top of your settings menu
    self-guided mode step 2
  3. Now you’re in Self-Guided Mode!  On the left, you’ll see our library of “Available exercises”. From here, you can tap on any of the triangles to expand the list of therapy activities within that area.  On the right, you’ll see your “Assigned exercises” – those are the homework tasks the app guides you through when you log in and hit “Start”.
    self-guided mode step 3
  4. To add a therapy exercise to your homework schedule, click the purple “+” button to the right of the therapy exercise name.  To delete a therapy exercise from your homework, click the red circle to the left of it and then click the red “Delete” button that will appear on the right.
    self-guided mode step 4
  5. To change the order of your therapy activities, hold down on the three lines to the right of a therapy activity in your homework, and then drag it up or down in the list.
    self-guided mode step 5
  6. To change the difficulty level of a therapy activity, or how many times you repeat that therapy activity within a homework schedule, tap on the task from your “Assigned exercises” list. To change the difficulty level, tap on the dropdown next to “level”.  To change the number of exercises, tap the pull-down menu next to “repeats”. Once you’ve adjusted to your liking, press “save”.
    self-guided mode step 6
  7. You can also try out a task while in Self-Guided Mode. Just tap on a task from the “Available exercises” or “Assigned exercises” list, and then click start. Remember, the app won’t record this data.
    self-guided mode step 7

And with that, you now know how to use Constant Therapy’s Self-Guided Mode!

Looking for a video to walk you through it?  Be sure to watch this video that walks you through how to get to Self-Guided Mode and then how to use it! 

Download Constant Therapy today and start a free trial to figure out whether our extensive library of therapy activities might be the right fit for you.

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  1. Janis I Berard-Aubin

    I’ve completed some math exercises to calculate “tip” on a receipt. The instructions were not clear enough to know if I should tip on subtotal, or include the tax….so I got it wrong, because I don’t tip on tax. And it did not allow me to Mark “correct”.

    • Constant Therapy

      Hello Janis! Thank you so much for this feedback, we greatly appreciate it. We will work on clarifying those instructions and include it in a future app update. For now, we recommend calculating the tip based on the final total (including tax). If it is still marking your answers as incorrect, please feel free to report this via email for further investigation at Hope this is helpful!


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