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Constant Therapy Exercises: Homework vs. Self-Guided Mode

If you’ve ever found yourself confused about whether to choose Homework or Self-Guided Mode for your therapy exercises in the Constant Therapy app, you’re not alone. Many users wonder how these modes differ and which one is best suited for their needs. In fact, understanding the differences between Homework Mode and Self-Guided Mode can unlock crucial benefits of the Constant Therapy app, so you can maximize your time with it.

In this article, we’ll demystify these modes and break down how each one can support you in reaching the goals that matter most to you along your neurorehabilitation journey.

Homework Mode for Therapy Exercises

Homework Mode is the structured set of exercises that will be assigned to you either by your clinician, if your account is linked to theirs, and/or the NeuroPerformance Engine (NPE), Constant Therapy’s proprietary, AI-powered core that chooses and adjusts your exercises based on your individual goals and progress.

Your Constant Therapy program will automatically default to Homework Mode, and when you are in it, you’re following a tailored program designed to address your specific needs. You do not have to pick the specific exercises you complete or their difficulty levels–you simply progress through an assigned sequence.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of Homework Mode:

  • Structure and Guidance: This mode automatically guides you through a series of therapy exercises that have been pre-assigned by your clinician and/or the NPE. You don’t need to worry about what to do next–just follow along, and the app will take care of the rest!
  • Progress Tracking: At the bottom left of your screen, you’ll see a progress indicator which shows the total number of exercises assigned for the day. This helps you stay on track and monitor your progress.
  • Detailed Reporting: Exercises completed in Homework Mode are included in detailed reports and factor into your clinician’s assessments. This data helps your clinician adjust your therapy plan as needed.

Self-Guided Mode for Therapy Exercises

Self-Guided Mode, meanwhile, offers greater flexibility and independence, allowing you to choose therapy exercises based on your interests or needs at a particular moment. In this mode, you will not work through a preset list of exercises assigned to you. Instead, you will choose exactly which exercises you want to work on, and that is all that will show up in your program that session—no more, no less!

Here are reasons why you might want to work in Self-Guided Mode:

  • Freedom to choose: Unlike in Homework Mode, in Self-Guided Mode you can pick any exercise you want to work on. This is particularly useful if you feel like focusing on a specific skill or just want to explore different activities at your own pace.
  • See what your clinician sees: The interface in Self-Guided Mode mirrors what your clinician sees, providing you with a list of available therapy exercises to choose from. If, for example, several weeks ago you had practiced a particular exercise with your speech therapist and now want to practice it again, you can do that from this mode.
  • Independent practice with less detailed reports: While this mode offers great flexibility, exercises completed here are not included in detailed reports and do not influence the metrics your clinician uses to assess your progress.

How to access Homework or Self-Guided Mode

Homework Mode:

  1. Open the Constant Therapy app.
  2. Hit the purple start button. This will take you directly into Homework Mode, which is the default setting in Constant Therapy.

Self-Guided Mode:

  1. Open the Constant Therapy app.
  2. Tap “Settings” in the top right corner of the app’s home screen.
  3. In the menu that pops up, select “Use self-guided mode”
  4. Select your desired exercises within the library of “Available exercises.”


Knowing the difference between Homework and Self-Guided Mode can significantly enhance your experience with the Constant Therapy app. Homework Mode provides a structured path guided by your clinician and/or our AI-driven NeuroPerformance Engine (NPE) to ensure you’re working through a relevant progression of therapy exercises, while Self-Guided Mode offers you the flexibility to explore and practice particular skills and exercises that you have chosen.

By understanding and utilizing these modes effectively, you can take charge of your therapy and make meaningful progress towards your goals. The best part: It’s not an either-or scenario! Many devoted Constant Therapy users like to switch between these modes depending on their needs at a given moment to make the most of the Constant Therapy app.

And just remember: We’re always only a phone call or email away. If you have questions or need any help, please call us at 1-888-233-1399 or email We’ll be happy to help!

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